About Me

I am Terry Lynn Benson

I am an individual with many interest: Programmer-System Analyst; Spelunker; Building Contractor; Photographer; Pilot; Photo-Document Restorer; Artist

My Current Endeavor

In the Fall of 2015 I asked an artist friend, Donna Bingaman if she would give me some lessons in drawing  faces. I was having some trouble with  damaged faces when restoring old photographs. Donna recommended I set in with one of her Oil Painting Classes  at 42 West Arts Co-Op in Waynesboro, Pa. any Wednesday. I hadn't drawn anything let alone done any oil painting since I was in High School in the late 50's. 

I found my box of old oil paints that was given to me when I was 12 years old. Low and behold once I was able to get the cap off, most of the tubes of oil were still in good shape. 


Call me for an appointment at 301-797-0183 or 301-338-6336.  When we plan your exclusive oil painting of that loved one whether it being a human or mechanical!